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Doodle Love


Labradoodles, Australian Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles! These breeds have become so popular, especially in the Inland Northwest. You either have one already, or you have seen their energetic beauty proudly strutting down the street, tail-a-waggn’. Fot this article I would like to give you the groomers perspective of this breed and help you learn to take care of their coat if you have a doodle, or give you some things to think about if you are deciding to get one. 

The Puppy Pad DOES Doodles! We have so many that we groom that I would make a sade bet its the fastest growing-in-popularity breed right now. And why not? They are generally in our experience very loving, happy, eager to please, loyal companions with loads of energy and a unique personality. Proper training is usually fairly easy because they are smart! It is a rare day at The Pad if we don’t groom at least 1-2 doodles, or more commonly 3-6 in a day! 

The interesting thing about these breeds, is that we have some mini-doodles that weighing just 15# up to very large doodles pushing 100#. Some have very little hair, wiry and easy to brush. Others have long curly hair or cotton like hair. Some hair is straight and some very wavy. Some doodles are petite while others are very sizeable. With this many variations in coats and size, haircuts can vary just as much. 

But there is one common sentiment we hear among owners in regards to doodle haircuts: “Don’t make him look like a poodle!” In the poodle’s defense, they are an excellent breed with a unique look, but we can see how you want your doodle to look like….well a doodle. This means different things to different people and even the breeders. At this point I feel the look is very subjective. Some owners like cute round heads and muzzles. While others prefer a squared muzzle and triangle shaped shorter ears (and everything in between!) The difference between a poodle head and doodle head is very clear. The poodle traditionally gets a tighter round topknot with distinct separation between the head and ears with long fluffy ears, and a “clean” or shaved face. Most doodle owners like a full head that blends with the ears and ear length is still a personal preference. 

If you don’t have a doodle with slow growing wiry hair, then you have got yourself one of the highest maintenance breeds there is. It is a lot of upkeep to maintain the coat properly to keep the coat length longer then ¼ inch. Doodle coats tend to mat up very easily and need at a minimum, multiple brushing sessions by the owner per week. If you dog gets wet from rain or snow, or you bathe him at home, he will need to be dried and brushed daily (and even before you bathe him. Getting him wet sets the mats in). It’s important to use a

good slicker type brush and get down to the skin without actually brushing the skin. Brushing should always be followed by a metal comb to to get out any knots you missed. *Please see my blog on “MATS: What to do about them” 

We generally recommend getting your doodle on a regular schedule with your groomer, every 4 weeks or less, for a professional bath, blowout, and brush out. This doesn’t need to be a haircut every time, that is also a personal preference. With consistent brushings at home or if you prefer a shorter coat on your doodle, you can do 6-8 week groomings. We have some that come every 2 weeks for a Thera-Clean Spa Treatment, blowout, brush, and haircut and have the softest, fluffiest, most beautiful coats all…the…time 🙂 

Us groomers at The Puppy Pad are available for consultations to recommend the best schedule for you and your fur baby. We sell brushes and combs and would happy to show you how to use them. We are also well versed at all types of doodle looks and can tailor the haircut to whatever your preferences are. 

Thanks for reading Doodle Love! Please email if you have any questions:


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